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March 2016: Author to Author: Ten Things To Consider About Your Web Presence

Cherish Desire Erotica, Very Dirty Stories, author, Max D, erotica

"Author to Author: Ten Things To Consider About Your Web Presence"

written by Max D

Is your presence you?

Blogger, Wordpress, Wix, Weebly... what do these have in common?


Setting up a website, blog, or even an online store has always been about what you're willing to spend, and free is powerful bait.

Is free you though? Free isn't always the least expensive option. Even with free hosting - which is a really good deal - you still need to find a template, work through layouts, produce visual and multimedia content, and then actually get down to the business of tailoring a web presence that represents you. That's a lot of time and energy that is not usually your core business. You need an approach that streamlines your time away from the products and services that you provide.

So read along while I talk through some of the basics. We're going to explore what's important in your web presence, and then touch on how to make your web presence an asset instead of a time sink.

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