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2018 December: Release Planning

Cherish Desire Erotica, Very Dirty Stories, Coming Soon Cover, Max D, erotica

New releases

It's been a very busy year, especially after Max wiped out a knee back in June that ultimately needed surgery in November, so things have hit crunch time right in time for the holidays. We're working hard on four fronts, with two key priorities for the coming month: Very Dirty Stories titles re-releases and new releases. Alongside that effort will be the on-going rennovation of the Blogger web sites and updates to existing paperback formats as well as new paperbacks for key Cherish Desire Singles titles.

In the past, we tried to keep to a quarterly release schedule, but that hasn't worked well for 2017 and 2018. So some amazing stories have been piling up, and it's time to get them released! With over 280,000 words of content, Very Dirty Stories 206 to Very Dirty Stories 234 include some amazing Ladies of Object Confessions stories, lots of D/s content about Niki and Angel, and two Very Wicked Dirty Stories titles you won't want to miss.

The new titles will be uploaded to Smashwords, Amazon, and Kobo with the re-releases. We'll post an update here once they are live.

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