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2020 December: Release Planning

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New releases

Best laid plans... and many other euphemisms come to mind. After two years of writing, editing, proofing, and dealing with innumerable challenges, the new Very Dirty Stories releases are largely complete. The first wave publishing for Very Dirty Stories #206 to Very Dirty Stories #259 is complete. The titles are available on Smashwords. Ratuken Kobo and Amazon will follow. Then the new Cherish Desire Singles releases.

Revised releases

Revisions to modernize formating and descriptions will follow with Cherish Desire Singles and Cherish Desire Divinations titles, promotional titles, Very Wicked Dirty Stories, and a systematic progression through the Cherish Desire catalog.

Smashwords and Ratuken Kobo format requirements have stayed consistent so the majority of changes are geared toward a more enjoyable reader experience. Amazon Kindle has implemented new tooling which may require some trial and error testing since the documentation is poor or altogether lacking any details concerning what Word tagging and styling aligns with its automated eBook TOC and formatting functions.

Site updates

There simply hasn't been time to do maintenance on the sites with major hurdles like migrating to SSL and touching every point of presence. Reviewing the long list of work to be done in November, immediately running into issues with when trying to create links for new titles, and looking at the transition from Audible which has never brought in any revenue... timing ended up working out for a major revamp anyway. So many things have to be migrated and fixed that it's almost a complete overhaul.

Changes will continue until they are done with a Jan 1, 2021 target. WWW is refreshed and simplified. Catalog is staged for the title additions and updates though other Blogger subsites are lagging. Retail options for SCRIBD and Apple Books are being implemented. Social Media links are changed, though we continue to have issues with Facebook (and therefore Instagram) because Zuckerberg has created a platform with poor operational controls and even worse accountability for correcting the errors its bots make. is being actively phased out for private domain short links hosted on T2M. Yes, the links are for real.

I'll also be backfilling the News posts that never got proofed and posted. Four or five years of history never made the cut-over last time.

Paperback and video erotica

The acquisition of CreateSpace by Amazon did not create a better or more effective print on demand solution. Quite the opposite. Amazon support for paperbacks relies on ancient forum references to out-of-date CreateSpace options and an absolute mystery around formatting and structure. Once the revisions for Cherish Desire Singles and Cherish Desire Divinations are complete, we'll be revisiting print options. There are writing projects underway at the same time, so I'm not confident when paperbacks will be something there is time to investigate and pursue.

At the same time, collaboration with Kenzi Reads of FICS GONE WORSE is proceeding well. Her sleep schedule may actually be more messed up than mine, but we've completed and published one react read already. Two serious reads are in my hands for minor edits and branding. The plan is to complete another three or four stories and then a multi-chapter novella. Since Audible has turned out to be a non-starter, the initial stories will be released on YouTube as promotional and then Pay What You Want on Bandcamp. I anticipate all future book length pieces will also go to Bandcamp, but we'll cross that bridge when we reach it.

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