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2021 March: Release Planning

2021 March: New Releases & Updates

New releases - Very Dirty Stories and Cherish Desire Singles

February marked a decisive move forward releasing new print and digital content for Cherish Desire Singles titles. The first wave of new titles included some awesome story arc completion sets as well as planned titles. And the second wave is already underway.

Cherish Desire Singles: Sexy Identities Collection 3, Cherish Desire Singles: She Comes First Collection 1, Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 9, and Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 10 were all planned for February release. These collections mark the continuation of Sexy Identities and Object Confessions, and the new Femdom focused series under She Comes First.

In addition, four other new titles were released. Cherish Desire Singles: Lust And Dildos (The Complete Six Part Series) featuring May is the first full length book covering Max, May, and Nicole's misadventures. Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions: Husband And A Master, Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions - Number Nine, and Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions - Yes are the first three completed story arcs for the Ladies of Object Confessions.

For readers who aren't familair with the series, Object Confessions stories include a number of recurring ladies whose full story arcs have previously required buying multiple Very Dirty Stories, Very Wicked Dirty Stories, and Cherish Desire Singles titles. Introducing novella to novel length titles which each include a single completed story arc is a new approach to align with reader requests for longer novella to novel length titles and making these specific stories more accessible to readers who aren't as interested in the shorts that are typical within the deligthfully sexy adventures (and mistakes) of the Ladies of Object Confessions.

The next wave of new titles will include Cherish Desire Singles: The Studio (The Complete Seven Part Series) featuring Priya, Cherish Desire Singles: Indoctrination (The Complete Seven Part Series), Cherish Desire Singles: Satisfaction (The Complete Four Part Series) featuring Danielle, and Cherish Desire Singles: Submission (The Complete Five Part Series) featuring Danielle.

Re-releases of revised titles

Revised releases for Cherish Desire Singles titles

With so much progress made in February, we're hoping to maintain the momentum in March. That's going to be tough because there's a huge number of titles that need to be touched for revisions. Sticking with the Max-verse, March plans include Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 1, Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 2, Cherish Desire Singles: Her Boyfriend's Submission (The Complete Six Part Series) featuring Priya, and Cherish Desire Singles: Secret Fantasies (The Complete Six Part Series) featuring Priya.

With the new releases of Cherish Desire Singles: Satisfaction (The Complete Four Part Series) featuring Danielle and Cherish Desire Singles: Submission (The Complete Five Part Series) featuring Danielle, we start to get into the TomRonin-verse. Cherish Desire Singles: Intensity (The Complete Five Part Series) featuring Danielle completes that set of three books. Cherish Desire Singles: Tom's Plan (The Complete Eight Part Series) is a stand alone title that makes sense to revise before moving into the more complicated Angel titles.

Reviews of additional revisions prioritizing Cherish Desire Singles and Cherish Desire Divinations titles have provoked discussions around how much editing should be applied to titles published in the early years of Cherish Desire. We want to do more than a reformatting of titles from prior to 2016 as there are numerous inconsistencies with the quality we now expect from content. That means some titles will run into late April if they need re-writing to apply consistency and better structuring

Site refreshes

Revisions to WWW and Blogger hosted sites

February was spent addressing items that came up like Merchandise and Catalog entries. Moving forward, a review of supporting content off the main catalog page is scheduled for March. That means some menu and page updates. We also need to add Bandcamp titles into the catalog, so we'll be revising links and providing a dedicated audio erotica performance page.

The Ladies and Stories subsites have been lagging. With the big publishing push for new and revised content, the overall catalog has been touched for story coding and description consistency for supporting back material in digital editions. That needs to start flowing into the Catalog pages which then flow to the Ladies pages. Ladies page updates are raising questions on whether those updates should be prioritized based on Cherish Desire Singles title releases. We're looking at inputting new and revised published content with roughly a month lag for Stories. We'll see what there's time for since publishing takes priority.

Paperback editions and Audio narration

Moving toward bingeable content

With the substantial push in February, print editions of titles are now the new standard. Over a dozen print editions are now available, and updates on print editions will be part of the new release and revision information starting in April.

Our first real promoted and publicly pushed Bandcamp First Friday on 5 March was a big happiness moment! We saw a fivefold increase in our Bandcamp followers. Not hard when it was only two of us testing the waters for the last few months. LOL.

Seriously though, the response to Bandcamp releases has been great for a brand new channel. We have four stand alone short stories and one full length novella on Bandcamp now. Kenzi Reads provides serious performances of Backseat (An Angel Story) and She Comes First 2: Scorned. Her FICS GONE WORSE reads of Object Confessions 85: Faith Based Belief (FICS GONE WORSE Read) and Sexy Identities 4: Wanting The Bat (FICS GONE WORSE Read) are definitely worth the laughter at a time when we all could use it. The intensity of her emotive performance of Object Confessions - Distinct is well suited to such an intense novella.

We're hoping by producing bingeable audio content, people can pay what they can afford to support us while also benefiting from being able to stream the audio erotica performances without worrying about the cost. Times are difficult right now for a lot of people all around the world. Hopefully a distraction, a relief valve, and an outlet for all that's happened over 2020 and 2021 so far can make a positive difference as we all continue to face the unknown with this pandemic.